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APH-Birth of the Motherland
Ivan Braginski was pacing the length of Red Square in Moscow.  It was 11:50pm on October 31, the wind blew Ivans short silver blond hair abot his head. It was only ten minutes until HE came back. Ivan’s little sister Natalia was watching him from the other side of the square and she knew what was troubling him. It was only five minutes away from when General Winter was coming back. Natalia winced as she remembered the first time she had seen him. Their older sister Ukraine, Ivan, and she was just enjoying the day as they always did having a nice pick-nick in the park. The air was chilly and brisk and she remembers her sister trying to hurry them along. Natalia didn’t know then but Ukraine knew he was coming. Ivan and Natalia didn’t listen to their big sister and rolled down the hill they were eating on and laughing and played for what seemed like a long time. Then every happened too fast. The sunny sky suddenly went dark and the air turned bitter cold. Natalia
:iconvampiresan:Vampiresan 6 45
                Enter Ana
        It was cold in the old house. The tattered drapes fluttered in the breeze. A loud creak came from the rotted wooden floor “shit” Ana swore under her breath. “Come on Ana get it together its just a nest of low ranking vampires, you have don this dozens of times before“. Her mental phyche up didn’t help much. Then there was another creek, she didn’t make this one..
        Ana froze her right hand tighten around the pistol .In her right hand was the pistol with silver bullets an
:iconvampiresan:Vampiresan 1 104


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I thought you lost your marbles
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Ask not what your fanfic can do for you...ask why the hell WE CANT THINK OF ANYTHING!!!!!! MEIN GOTT!!!11!!!1EINS!!11!!!!!11!!!!ZWEI!!!!! FINLAND!!!!!11!!1!!!!!GIVENETHERLANDSHISBIKEBACK!!11!!! now.....for something completely bloody different. AUSTRALIA. BY GOD.......AND CAPYBARAS.....I AM CAPTAIN PLANET BEWARE MY BAT SIGNAL. LITHUANIA! LATVIA! ESTONIA! BELARUS! UKRAINE!....WITH YOUR LANDS COMBINED I AM SOVIET RUSSIA!

- :iconvampiresan: and :iconphantomofoz:

Current Residence: californ-aye-ay
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Skin of choice: alpaca
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Shuffle Story
by ~Das-BaDOS

The Rules: 1. Take ALL the CDs in your house and put the music on your PC/I-Pod (Also the songs you DON'T like!)
2. Play them and use the shuffle-mode while you answer the questions.
Answer the questions with the Song title or song text.
Try to explane why this Song fits as an answer... or why not...
3. DON'T CHEAT! No Skipping! No searching! No deleting of songs you don't like!
Ok... now that you have a lot of music, we start with the questions!

The Questions:

1. Question: You eat some breakfast. What do you eat?
Song: In The stone - Earth, Wind, and Fire
Explain: Well, I suppose I ate a rock?...For the minerals! *bu-dum cha*

2. Q: You finished breakfast and walk through your house. You look out of the window and see...?
S: City - Hollywood Undead
E: Well the name seems Self explanatory. But the song sings about burning the city to the ground so....ya.

3. Q: You open the door to take a closer look, but then you noticed that you forgot your...?
S: I have Nothing -Whitney Huston
E: Ouch. Apparently I am not a very material person.

4. Q: You search everywhere, but you can't find it. Then you remember that it is in/at/etc. ...?
S: Open Arms - Journey
E: What? I don't... I suppose I gave all my stuff to charity? (that had better earn me some heaven points!)

5. Q: After taking it, you go to work. Your job is...?
S: Luck Be a Lady - Frank Sinatra
E: Cool! So I am ether a pimp or a casino owner. I am inclined to go with the latter.

6. Q: You take the bus. You notice that the guy next to you smells like...?
S: Beer For My Horses - Toby Keith
E: So...a drunken rancher...Well today is just odd.

7. Q: At work, you meet your colleague, whose job is...?
S: Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
E: So his Job is to live a insane life...Ok, why not?

8. Q: He's your best friend and very funny. He tells you a joke about...?
S: Bye Bye Love - The Everly Brothers
E: IDK... A crazy Ex-girlfriend story?

9. Q: You take the elevator and go to your office. Your office looks like...?
S: Shadows of the Night - Pat Benatar
E: So I have a very dark and seedy Casino Office. How very Mobster.

10. Q: You start the computer and look at the desktop. Your wallpaper shows...?
S: This little Girl of Mine - Ray Charles
E: Sounds Like a Pic of a daughter. How sweet.

11. Q: You start the program you normally work with. But instead of working you play a round of...?
S: Jesters of the Moon - FFIX
E: Sounds like a cool card game. Don't it?

12. Q: Your boss enters the office. You hate him... When he's not around you call him a...?
S: Shake up Christmas - Train
E: Ummm...What?

13. Q: Lunch time! Your buddy shares his lunch with you! It's your favorite dish, ...?
S: Lies - Rolling Stones
E: I'm Not sure what to do with this one.

14. Q: After lunch you start working on today's project. It is about ...?
S: If She Would Have Been Faithful - Chicago
E: Remember that Mobster casino idea that seems to be building here? Looks like someone couldn't make the payments~.

15. Q: Your boss gives you some extra work. You think ...?
S: Big Iron - Marty Robbins
E: So I think about shooting him... Ya sounds about right.

16. Q: After work your buddy wants to go bowling. You love bowling so you say ...?
S: Raise Your Glass - Pink
E: Sweet! Drunken Bowling! Can only lead to good things!

17. Q: In the bowling hall you score a turkey (triple-strike). You are so happy, you scream ...?
S: Tick Tok - The Monster Goes Rawr!
E: Apparently I turn into a clock when happy.

18. Q: Suddenly you get a phone call. It's you husband/wife. He/she sais ...?
S: Whole Lotta Love - lead Zeppelin
E: Aww. Thank you shuffle.

19. Q: You decide to go home. You tell your friend ...?
S: Go Daddy'o - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
E: And then I jazz dance my way home!

20. Q: Back at home you tell your husband/wife that you were bowling with your buddy. He/she is cooking. You wonder what's for dinner (xD). It's ...?
S: Chicken Heart - Bill Cosby
E: Ok, so its not a song, its a comedy routine that got mixed in with the songs. But come on! That was funny!

21. Q: After dinner you ask your husband/wife ...?
S: The Art of Insanity - Sabaton
E: "Hey Honey. If I went batshit and tried to take over the world, would you still love me?"

22. Q: You watch some TV. There's a new show called ...?
S: Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me - Tata Young
E: Sounds less like a show, more like a porn. Niiiiccce~.

23. Q: To end the day you... you know what... with your husband/wife. While... doing it... you listen to...? "DON'T DANCE AROUND THE SUBJECT, JUST SAY THAT THERE'S SEX GOING ON, jeez." <-- Agree
S: Who's Your Daddy - Lordi
E: Fucking sexy Demon Metal!

24. Q: Did you like this meme?
S: Kalinka - t.A.T.u
E: Well seeing as that is a Russian song, preformed by Bi-sexual singers. I guse it was "curiously communist". *Ba-bum cha*

25. Q: Some last words?
S: Fairytale - Alexander Rybak
E: Hmm. Ok. Its good ending Music I suppose. Well anyway this was the first time I had tried anything like this. It was fun, so I may do it again sometime.

I Got this from She is Awesome, so go visit her...You are still here.


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